Night scribbles

I’ve been having a truly crappy day. Several times I thought I found the thing to make it go away for good but the shit mood and anxiety always came back. It’s 2am now and I’m still up cramming for exams. I feel drained, not so much physically as emotionally. Anyhow, I am relatively stable compared to the rest of the day, hence I made my mind up to keep studying despite the late hour, since I’m at least able to focus on it to a satisfactory extent.

It sounds like a completely I’m-a-total-pussy approach and I do feel like one, trying to make myself being all collected and reasonable, but it just doesn’t work today. So I might as well just accept it and let it all out.

Well anyway, to put it shortly, many things keep bugging me, but that’s nothing new. Bright side is I just need to survive the next 6 days of hell and then I can honestly say fuck you to everything in the world and just chill, even though it’s just for a little while.


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