Winter pictures

Turns out taking pictures in -14C cold is not a good idea for several reasons. Not only did the battery die (froze, I suppose?) after only a few minutes, but also I almost lost sensation in my fingers. Regaining it was a truly tough and painful fight. Nevertheless, it was a learning experience and I did manage to take a few okay pictures before my camera refused to cooperate. Worth it.

Pictures aside, it’s really refreshing to take a stroll when it’s so cold. Highly recommend it! Also, I think now I know where the ‘bite’ in frostbite came from.

Pictures taken in Kraków, Poland. Fearing freezing to death I didn’t go far from the area where I live, and as I mentioned, my camera gave up very quickly, so this is only a handful of photos and they don’t show how wonderful the city is, but take my word for it, it’s beautiful. Just one thing before you go; think twice before visiting in winter. Temperature-wise. Of course air pollution is there too during the heating season, but I don’t think it’s a reason to worry when you’re only spending a few days here.


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