Picked up by the flow

First thing, I think I’ll be writing this diary in English for some extra language practice. There’s also one more reason why I think this is cool; delving into your thoughts, and so on, in a language you’re not native to, is a pretty uncanny experience. Makes me feel dissociated from my own own feelings in a way. As if there were a thin film between me and reality. Ah, I’m finding it really hard to explain. But this is the very reason I’m taking up this little challenge, right? To be able to better explain what I mean. It could be useful in developing some distance and objectivity as well. And if that doesn’t work, it will still help me learn to verbalize my thoughts more clearly. Not that I don’t have problems with that in my native tongue, but my English definitely needs more attention.

Anyway, back to my very-serious-intimate-self-discovering-and-recording-my-life-events process. Oh boy, I’m so into it!

Seriously now, though. Winter has been slow and very counter-productive for me, but recently things have gained some momentum. Went out, did some socializing with my roommates and random people, made some friends (why does that always happen only months before I’m about to move away from where I happen to live at the moment?). Managed to get some motivation to get on with my coursework and I’m on a reading spree right now. It feels really good. At such times I really see myself doing a PhD and being that hooked-up-on research bookworm type. At other times nothing seems appealing and I’m just fine with sleeping all day. This is the worrying part. But now I feel like I’ve been picked up by the flow, so I’ll do my best to go with it and not lose the momentum.


PS.I think it’s worth mentioning that it’s extremely freezing outside (-14C at the moment and is expected to further drop to -21C!). There’s also plenty of snow lying around. I hadn’t expected a winter so strong this year, so I’m pretty excited about it. I’ll try to upload some pictures later. Hopefully my camera will work in the cold!


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